100 Stories From Europe – 100 Of My Favourite Photos And Stories From My 3 Week Europe Trip

In September/October 2014, I went on a 3 week solo trip to Europe from India. Even though my original plan was to visit only 4 countries on this trip, one thing led to another, and I ended up going to 6 countries, 7 if Vatican City counts as a country. (Officially it does, but it’s barely like 100 acres within Rome.)

I have done another post on how to do a Budget Europe Tour, so check it out for tips and hacks for doing Europe on the cheap, but here’s around 100 favourite photos out of some 1000+ photos from the trip.  There’s a brief caption on each photo to help piece together the place and the story behind the photo. 

Hope you enjoy it!

pope, vatican rome

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You can't see him, but that is THE Pope Francis delivering his service from the Vatican....Lucky to have seen the coolest Pope the Church has seen, in action.

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