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Stop raising funds for your travels and other selfish pursuits.

In a world where reports of millions of dying of hunger, disease, farmers committing suicides by the thousands, floods and cyclones ravaging and uprooting villages, refugees in war ridden countries having nowhere to go are as frequent as a status update on social media , the biggest fund-raising worthy cause we’ve decided to go with is, traveling?

2014 – My Year In Travel: 8 New Countries, 7 New Places In India

25 flights, 100+ buses, trains, and the countless local transport from KSRTC buses to autos to ferries doesn’t begin to cover it!
From unplanned weekend trips to sometimes unknown destinations in India, to impulsively booked but heavily researched vacation abroad, 2014 has seen its share of travel craziness and now.

How To Be A Proud Indian And Mean It

Here it is. Another Indian Independence day. Internet patriotism will go into an overdrive. Status messages will be put up. A hashtag will trend on twitter for a day to make celebrities out of ordinary people. Flags will be hoisted and waved. Notes ( like this one ) will be written. But then is this just another day in our calendar to play to the gallery? Or should it mean something more to be able to say you’re truly proud of being an Indian?