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Nepal: A Visit To The Himalayas, But Not To Scale The Everest

Now Nepal would rarely make it to an Indian’s “Must Visit” list unless you’re setting off for a big Everest trek, but with a 4k flight ticket it’s hard to say no to visiting another country, even if it’s more like an extension of your own.
Though glad I am for that fortuitous day when a casual stcroll through Spicejet’s international destination flight deals, I landed this one. (*wink*)

My BFF And I Got Robbed Of $350 In Thailand, Still Had A Dope Trip

A girl friend of mine and I traveled to Thailand in 2011, when it was a little less mainstream, but still was no big deal. Add the fact that we scored $100 return flight tickets to Bangkok, and this trip was begging to happen. But this was no ordinary trip for us. One way or the other. Many firsts, my first Air Asia flight, my first time couchsurfing, my first trip with a girl friend, and my first time being robbed.