Here’s Why I Am Dating A Guy Who Travels

There have been countless versions and articles on how we should date the guy/girl that travels. I did this before it was cool. And here’s why I’m not complaining. 

Travelers, just like people who read, or play an instrument, have a personality of their own. And most travelers have the following. 

He’s super low-maintenance: A guy who can pack his entire livelihood in a backpack, could not be bothered matching his slim-fit shirts with ironed socks. Here’s a low-maintenance guy who knows his basics, can separate them from the frills and can get by just about anywhere, with very little. He’s probably slept under a washbasin on a train at some point, and eaten off a tree, so even a half-cooked pasta by you, sitting on a torn-mattress in your bachelor pad would most likely beat a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant. (That is if he’s even been on one)

He is culturally sound:  What’s awesome about traveling is that it comes with the requisite and the expectation that one will run into all sorts of people in their journey, and perhaps theirs.

Fellow backpackers on a trip, soul-searchers, retired adults, escapists, tourists, everyone.
He will also interact with the locals of a place, know their stories, share his own.
While sitting in the corner deli or cafe, he will ask the owner how his day was or how he, back home, once thought of giving up his job to be a chef. He would connect with the homeless, on the road, and may be even see a part of him in them. So as his girlfriend, forget worries like “Will he get along with my family?”, “will my friends think he’s self-absorbed?”

He is intelligent: This guy has seen things, learnt from them, and absorbed them. His knowledge of the world goes beyond the written word, or imparted lectures.

He knows the history of French Revolution because he once shared a smoke with the people whose grandfathers were involved in it. He probably appreciates the Japanese value aesthetics as they do, because he was served ramen in the prettiest arrangement put together. Expect to have real conversations with him, that will keep you engaged, interested and entertained, without maybe needing to fall back on internet pop culture references.

He’s fun to be around! Oh, this is the best part. A traveler can host an audience! 

So he picked up an art called “Buugeng spinning” from his last trip in Kyoto and he will not shy away from performing his version at your party.
He lost his passport once on a trip, and has the most interesting two-hour story about what happened next, to regale you with. And he also knows to say “i love you” in 10 different languages and accents, without having ever used Google translate for it. Don’t forget, if he happens to be travelling without you, expect to receive some exotic (not necessarily expensive) gifts from him. Why, a bracelet made from a coral off the Great Barrier reef, if you will.

heart of human kindness: A traveler in most likelihood been at the receiving end of random acts of kindness. He was let to use a stranger’s phone to make an important call or offered a ride in a remote part of the town when he lost his way. And like a traveller knows, kindness is a function of the magic words, pay it forward. So don’t be surprised if he ends up making a surprise dinner for you after a long tiring day at work or even extends the kindness to someone else, making you fall in love with him that much more.

Materialism is not his driving force: When everyone else is thinking about things to buy, consume, or in other way, serve as the instruments to enrich their lives with, he’s probably planning (or not planning at all) his next trip. While Chris McCandless from Into the Wild maybe an extreme example, the regular, traveller, is uninspired and unmotivated by ‘attachments’ and material goods. He’s in it for the experience, not for the way it looks or is perceived by the world.

So don’t bother with expensive gifts for this guy. And if you must, gift him a lonely planet. (though, not saying, those are not expensive, you get the point) or better still, a ticket to a surprise destination, for the both of you.

He knows how to move on: Nobody knows moving on like a traveller does. Things been sticky lately, need a break, or planning a break up? (Though, why you’d want to break up with this awesome guy is beyond me, that’s another discussion) Trust the traveller guy to understand, pack his minimal ‘baggage’, which could mean even your heart, and move on. And trust me, he’ll only have good things to say when thinking back on the relationship. As a true traveller, every experience is enriching and needs to be cherished.

He’s a great planner: While most true travelers would like to claim that they don’t plan trips, the fact is that traveling comes with a minimum level of planning that every traveler needs to do and be good at. So whether scoring the most awesome flight deals, to knowing the best places around a place to get a meal for under $10 at, he’s done his research and he applies that approach even to normal, non-traveling times in his life, with you.

He’s open minded: So, you got a new haircut that you think looks terrible? (nobody ever got a haircut that didn’t, by the way) He’ll probably think otherwise and compliment you with “Oh, wow, that French look totally suits you” or support you on your rather radical views about the growing need of veganism.

He’s not the one to judge people too easily because he’s seen better. Like every journey, every person and relationship is different and should not be burdened by expectations. He knows it takes all kinds to make up the world and the only way to peace & universal harmony is acceptance, of different ideas, approaches, and lifestyles with an open and appreciating mind.

Most likely has great taste in music: If he had an interest in music to begin with, then he probably swears by world music. He attended the Ozzfest in LA or a rave at Parvathy valley or just a random open-air gig at a public plaza.

He’s got an ear for interesting sounds, can tell a didgeridoo from dubstep, and international artists- beyond the mainstream- and god knows what a refreshing change it is to know someone who knows awesome music.

He’s a great travel companion. To travel with the right person is the most important item on a travel checklist! Ah, of course while singing eulogies of his qualities as a traveler, one must not underestimate the rush of dating a guy who travels and travelling with him. Like they say, nothing connects two people, like travelling does & helps you know them better. So, while your other couple-things like movies, dinner dates etc can wait for..any time, find time to travel with your traveller guy & discover that side of him you didn’t see otherwise. 

Not only would it be one of the most romantic experiences ever, but you will see a place with a new perspective, his, bond over your similarities in an alien land, and have tons of fun exploring each other, and the destination together.

Go date that traveller. While his lust for you, may sometime take a backseat to his wanderlust, and a pair of itchy feet may distract him from a ballroom dance, once in a while, it’s almost certain, it’ll be a journey, you’ll enjoy, like he does his.

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Nagesh says:

    Lovely piece of writing
    Bon Voyage

  2. demonica says:

    Thanks Adi! May the small community grow after reading this! 😀

  3. aditto says:

    Thanks! 😀 This makes my small community feel good! 😀