50 Gorgeous Photos From My Solo Trip To Japan That Will Make You Want To Go Arigato

When I decided to visit Japan, a country that wasn’t yet on the conventional tourist radar, I didn’t know what to expect. I had vaguely heard of the cherry blossoms that are native to Japan, the high technology – after all most of the world’s electronics are first invented in Japan, of robots, and of course sushi. What  I did experience in my 10 days in Japan gave me a lot more than those. I hadn’t seen the mind-numbing beauty all around, the natural sensations that Japan was blessed with, the meticulous if slightly strange Japanese people, the unique culture, and the sheer level of crazy that Japan, especially Tokyo is home.  

I flew down to Tokyo using a promo fare Air Asia happened to be running a few months prior to my trip, and I knew I had to grab it. (Similar pro-activeness had worked for my solo trip to Australia too).  I had heard discouraging stories of how expensive Japan was, and true enough, the cheap Japanese VISA was a misleading preview of what was to come. However thanks to a strategic mix of cheap Air Asia flights, some crazy pre-planning, couchsurfing and roughing it out, I was able to do my Japan trip in less than $1000, a feat many considered impressive. Mind you, I didn’t skimp on any experience and lived and witnessed everything that Japan is famous for and then some.

I’m writing this post months after having returned from Japan, so my details are a bit hazy, and I’m afraid I will not be able to do justice to this magnificent country by putting in words. So I’m going to leave you with a selection of 100 photos from my trip.

Meiji Shrine Japan, Tokyo, Japan


Started my Japan trip with a visit to the Meiji Shrine
Manicured Plants: The Japanese like their perfection
Prayer tablets, Kyoto, Japan heritage
prayer tabs
Takeshita Street, Goth Lolly, Shibuya, Shinjuku
The swanky takeshita street.
World’s busiest crossing at Shibuya.
starbucks tokyo, google jacket, monica bansal
Watching the world below go crazy!
View from one’s of Japan’s tallest building
akiba, ahikabara, manga tokyo, japan
A rainsoaked tokyo
ozzfest tokyo, tool live, tokyo rock scene
The Ozzfest, Tokyo
Remember Hachiko?
Tool, live at the Ozzfest
The beloved Manga stronghold, Akihabara!
Lifesized manga characters, no big deal
cafe maid, tokyo
Add caption
She be Gothlollyin’
Japan is a busy place.
Shinjuku Gyoen
Cherry Blossoms, sakura, hirosaki castle, hakkeido, japan, cherry trees
Cherry Blossoms: No trip to Japan can be complete without these
sakura, cherry blossoms
Mt Fuji as seen from the Annual Shibakazura Festival
Golden Pavillion Temple, Kyoto
A Kabuki Theatre (where traditionally geishas performed)
Fushiminari Shrine
KiyoMizu Temple
Kyoto Tower
Sky tower, Tokyo (Tallest tower in the world)
Lucky to be in Tokyo during the Sanja Matsuri (Festival)
Asakusa temple
Reggae festival at the Yoyogi park

and India makes its presence felt..
yoyogi park
corgi dog
The Japanese love their dogs…
yoyogi park
The Japanese love their lucky charms
Souvenirs from Japan. I think I covered everything
Ah, i miss the Japanese food and the way they present food.

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  1. Shaq says:

    many lovely shots! You captured the essence of Japan very well!

  2. Pavan Daxini says:

    Brilliant pictures Monica! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. aditto says:

    You've made me jealous! These are the prettiest Japan photos I've seen…

    And you do have an eye for beauty… loved that hand written note with a sprinkle of cherry blossoms on top 😀

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