The Japanese Tourist VISA Is As Pretty And Efficient As The Country

I’m travelling to Japan in a week, (Woohoo!) and needless to say there will be a dedicated post about my Japan trip (updated) on here after I come back ( If I do!) However, this is just a little note of appreciation about the Japanese VISA that I got yesterday.

While I have a few VISAs on my passport, what sets aside the Japanese tourist VISA is its attention to aesthetics and details. It’s pink and has the iconic ‘Sakura Blooms’ motifs on it, unlike the more sombre grey/green VISAs with the country’s coat of arms etc. Curiously it also has a thin cling film on it for protection. While I know the Japanese are high on details, aesthetics and design, the fact that I got to see a prelude on the VISA itself, makes me excited about exploring the real thing, all that much more.

Makes all the trouble in applying for it and then collecting it in person worth it.

Also note that at 550 INR, it’s also the cheapest VISA an Indian passport can get. (Quite unlike the country.)

Little disappointed that the VISA didn’t feature a hello kitty, though. 😉

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