Mission Successful: Finding A Penthouse In Hyderabad For An Unmarried Couple & Two Dogs

Ever since I’ve lived on my own, somehow I’ve lived in flats with a terrace, and along the line I’ve come to love the experience of one. My folks live in one back home in Bangalore, and my last house in Hyderabad was one too. The thing about penthouses is that despite being apartments, they give off an open, breathable, independent house-like vibe, which is very important if you don’t want to end up feeling claustrophobic in a shoebox apartment. Though, to be honest, of late, my preference to stay in a penthouse is driven more by need, than desire as I come with two dogs who absolutely need their leg space to move around and ‘do their business’.

So when I decided to move to Hyderabad (once again), but this time to be with my boyfriend, I only had one requirement – has to be a penthouse, and affordable (for a penthouse). Now if you’re an unmarried couple with a couple of dogs seeking a house and a penthouse at that, in a big city, your chances are well neigh nil. However after a few months of house hunting, I did find something, not the most perfect house by any means, but it did tick the checkboxes. Penthouse, affordable and the owner couldn’t care less about the presence of two dogs or the absence of our marriage.

One little problem though. Quite literally. It also happened to be the tiniest apartment I’ve ever seen! The house ended by the time you realised you entered one! There was a 200×200 space in the name of a living room, a non-existent dining room or even space for a dining table, and a decent-sized, if not a bathroom sized bedroom. The kitchen, tiny but well-done and 2 loos were a saving grace. The bonus, a huge attached terrace! This makes up our house.

So, obviously, my next task was to make the house as pretty, livable, and at the same time functional, comfortable and eco-friendly so its plus points exceeded its shortcomings. Having turned my last house around, I’m no stranger to house transformations, in fact I look forward to them. The whole process of taking a blank canvas, and turning it into something to be proud of, bit by bit, art piece by art piece, knicknack by knickknack, it’s a thrill of its own.

So, a month, dozens of design improvs, (Pinterest helped), countless trips to the markets and thousands of rupees later, the house looks very different now. But here’s a few photos of the house before the transformation transpired. 

The magical entrance to Narnia…not.

The barely there living room

It ends where it starts

The previous tenants’ arrangement didn’t inspire much confidence in the house.

The ‘will fit a bed, won’t it?’ bedroom


The terrace – The clincher

(never mind the err…clothes hanging on the line. The photo is from when we went to check out the house first. )

5 months later, this house looks much different, almost feels like home. But it didn’t come easy, it didn’t come cheap. But was it worth it? Absolutely! Check out my next post on THE makeover.

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