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Stop raising funds for your travels and other selfish pursuits.

In a world where reports of millions of dying of hunger, disease, farmers committing suicides by the thousands, floods and cyclones ravaging and uprooting villages, refugees in war ridden countries having nowhere to go are as frequent as a status update on social media , the biggest fund-raising worthy cause we’ve decided to go with is, traveling?

Why You Should Avoid Traveling On Long Weekends

Holidays on Fridays or Mondays make for great long weekends. Add another day of leave, and they’re the stuff that dreams are made of for any corporate slave hanging on the 20 day vacation a year rule. The itch to travel is strong. Take off to Goa maybe? Or cool off in Ooty?
But the reasons you should travel on long weekends are the exact reasons you should not.

2014 – My Year In Travel: 8 New Countries, 7 New Places In India

25 flights, 100+ buses, trains, and the countless local transport from KSRTC buses to autos to ferries doesn’t begin to cover it!
From unplanned weekend trips to sometimes unknown destinations in India, to impulsively booked but heavily researched vacation abroad, 2014 has seen its share of travel craziness and now.

I Attempt To Burst The Most Common Myths Around Traveling To Europe

It can be said, that every traveler worth their weight in luggage dreams of backpacking to Europe at least once in their lifetime. The folklore, the pop culture associations and the movies glorifying Europe have only heightened the charm of this beautiful continent. But more often than not, the Indian passport (and associated VISA formalities) and the dismally low rupee vis a vis the Euro ( €1= ₹81) doesn’t hold too well for such lofty travel ambitions for us Indian folk.

Fort Kochi And Varkala: Two Little Hippie Towns By The Arabian Sea

Sometimes greatest things are discovered by accident. Having just about 5 days on hand, and having covered most of the weekend getaways in this part of the country, we might as well have rolled a dice. The outcome was an impromptu trip to Kochi, a major city in Kerala, about 600kms south of Bangalore, and later another shortish detour to Varkala, Kerala’s Goa.