Here’s Why I’d Attend This Camping Music Festival On New Year’s Eve

Being a traveller and an ardent music buff, if there’s one event that gets me excited every time, it is music festivals. Live music, the best of talents, that happy, vibrant festival vibe and those 2 days of being away close to nature, what’s not to love? And this time when the Storm folks announced that it was going to be on New Year’s Eve in Coorg, I was like Okay, that’s my New Year’s eve right there! Having been to Coorg before, I can vouch that as far as hills go, that’s the best Bangalore gets to have within a day’s worth of travel.

So here’s the 10 Reasons Why Chasing Storm Is The Place To Be This New Year’s Eve
The Camping
Imagine ringing in the new year amidst a sea of tents in the picturesque, rugged terrain of Coorg. Imagine snuggling into a warm sleeping bag after a night of crazy partying. Imagine getting woken up by the first rays of the morning sun or better still, by the voice of your favourite artist! Imagine stepping out of your tent and feeling the pristine dew under your feet- All after a day of some serious rocking at a music festival. Would you rather be sweating out in a cramped party hall, struggling to get a foot space, or be swaying under a starry winter sky, with the sounds of nature in perfect harmony with the music?
vibe of music festiva.jpeg
The People
Storm attracts the crazies, the mavericks, and the go-getters, all united by their common love for music. It’s a world with no inhibitions. It’s a place where all of India congregates to let its collective hair down.
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The Weather
The winters in Coorg are to die for. There is a slight invigorating nip in the air, ideal to get you pumped up to hear your favourite music. The chills up your neck might just be that epic riff.
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The Romance
Whether you’re single or in a relationship, love is in the air at Storm. Bond with your soulmate while swaying to the rhythms of your favourite artists. Or spend hours discussing music with someone you’ve just met.
The Alcohol
This might be Coorg’s best-kept secret, but Coorgi wines sure do pack a punch. Cheaply available at all local stores in the town, they are the perfect accessory to heighten your Storm experience.
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The Backdrop
Often called “The Scotland of India”, Coorg is hauntingly beautiful. Crisscrossed with waterfalls, hills and the occasional lake, its serene environs are in stark contrast to the pulsating two nights that Storm promises, making for a magical, unforgettable experience.
The Indian pride
While the West has got biggies like Burning Man, Coachella and the Glastonbury, music festivals were elusive to India till sometime ago. And now Storm may just be India’s very own authentic camping out music festival to reckon with, complete with a heady mix of local talent, kitsch, partying and that happy, hippie festival vibe all around that earlier people travelled all the way abroad to experience.
The eco friendliness
Who said that partying and music have to mean discarded plastic all over, waste of electricity and overall an environmental mess?
According to festival sherpaSet in amidst nature not too far from Bangalore, Storm is a great example of how a festival can be entertaining as well as promote and sponsor environmental sustainability within its venue. Whether, it is efficient waste management, recycling, a strict no-plastic policy or using eco-friendly products – Storm Festival means serious business.”
The Music
The pièce de résistance, of course, is the music. Previous acts have included biggies like Indian Ocean and Agam, DJs such as DJ Pearl and  Nikhil Chinappa, offbeat folksy groups like La Pongal and Swarathama, and a host of international names. This year’s lineup lives up to the festival’s pedigree, featuring enough variety and class to satisfy even the most discerning music fan. So would you choose recorded music or a DJ belting out done-to-death tunes or music in its purest form- live?
music at storm.jpg
Whatever you guys do end up doing on NYE, have a good one.