20 Photos That Prove That People Go A Little Crazy At The Taj Mahal

There cannot be a traveller who comes to India and does not want to and/or does not go to visit the Taj Mahal. And fair enough, it’s not everyday you have a chance to see one of the existing 7 wonders of the world, in all its white marble glory, grandeur and magnitude.

And while the conspiracy theories about Taj Mahal actually being a Shiv Temple, and not “A man’s greatest erection for a woman” come & go, the fact remains that it always has and continues to draw millions of people to India. From international to local celebrities to the hoi polloi, everybody wants to go to the Taj Mahaaal. Needless to say, travelers means photography and like every famous landmark in the world, the Taj Mahal has its due share of people posing next to it in all sorts of crazy formations, contractions and expressions, because obviously by now we know that they were not actually holding the Taj Mahal up when they pretended to touch its apex in photos 😉

So I got a little snappy, did a little research and here’s what came out of it. A photo gallery on some of the better/crazier or just peculiar photos I’ve seen of people around the mausoleum.


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So this is where Mickey and Minnie mouse go when they take a vacation from Disneyland!

Even Tom Cruise couldn’t resist getting a little jiggy with the Taj

              When in India, do yoga and see Taj Mahal. Or do Yoga at the Taj

                                            The Taj was a Must(-ache)visit for him!

Just a little afternoon siesta with your homies by the Taj. No big deal.
Photobomb of a ‘monumental’ level.
It was a twisted love story.
The grass is greener on the side the Taj is.
And as a perfect tribute to this massive symbol of love, this couple apparently got married at the Taj! While they do a good job of dressing up Indian, the rather risque pose gives that bit away;)

P:s I have never been to the Taj Mahal myself. Still waiting for that one person/opportunity to see this legend with.
P.P.S: If I never end up going maybe I’ll just be as cool as THIS guy, who visited the Taj in his own special way 😉

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