How We Spent Months Preparing For A Contest To Get A Free Trip Which We Didn’t But Were Better Travelers For It

Despite being a digital marketer myself, I’m usually the kinds who looks down upon online contests, much less participate in them. I especially grudge the ones where the sole criterion of judging the winner is based on the “likes and comments” they get! 
Not to mention, questions like “what if the contest is rigged” plague my cynical mind. Inevitably.
But then along came Grab Your Dream. I would’ve passed it off as another travel contest if not for my friend Divya Nawale who is an ex-participant herself and a WINNER of the season 1 of the contest, who won an all expenses paid to Egypt as her winning booty.

Boy! Now that’s a contest I’m gladly willing to compromise on my rules and principles (and soul) for. So I logged on, read the about and the rules,  and couldn’t be more thrilled!
Not only could I participate in the contest myself, but enter with my eternal travel partner, best friend and my soulmate, under the “Pair” category.

And for once, this was one contest that didn’t simply ask you to share their photo or shamelessly ask for likes, but show them some REAL traveling chops by presenting the stuff YOU had done and why you deserved to win the grand prize. (a trip!)

So, without further ado, I got cracking and painstakingly over a course of 3 weeks, with multiple iterations and consultations with the SO, created this video, that visualises our travel story perfectly in under 3 minutes.

Not satisfied with just one video, we wanted to show them, that apart from just within India, and travelling as a couple, we’ve done bunch of cool stuff individually and around the world and with that thought came this video, cheekily titled “Around the world in 80 frames with Monica and Mudit” and was rushed in on the last day of the contest.

We were stoked, rubbing our hands in anticipation but also biting our nails throughout to see what the other entries were like, while being also constantly quite entertained by the whole experience of working on our content, checking out other entries and all the million conversations and sometimes arguments that transpired, around the contest that ultimately helped us bond even more.

Then it was announced that the competition due to an astounding demand had been extended to about a month, and even though i was bummed that I rushed in my entries to make the deadline and knowing that it was going to get extended would’ve given me more time to submit even more quality stuff, we took this an opportunity to create even more substantial entries and establish ourselves as the most worthy participants – but more so, have a lot of fun doing it.

So, the next weekend, as we’d been planning to for weeks, decided to go to this village called Nazirabad, about 80 kms away from Hyderabad to explore the elusive, but charming community called the “Lambadis” or more famously the Banjaras- India’s original gypsies and document the whole experience and submit as a video entry on GYD.

So, despite both of us being under a bout of flu, took a local KSRTC bus, and then an auto and then a tractor and reached the village. I’ve had no prior experience in shooting video, much less make a travel documentary but persist I did and here’s what came of it. The video will do a much better job of narrating the experience, but I’m so glad we got to do something like this, if on the pretext of a contest entry.

Both our profiles on #GrabYourDream are up there, as are our individual entries, and the results are still a week away, and god are we wallowing in a nervous excitement!

Kudos to Cox and Kings for also creating one of the most engaging, seamless campaigns that in my opinion has seen one of the best UGC (User Generated Content) I’ve seen on the digital medium.

While it remains to be seen whether we make it or not, I’m so glad that thanks to #GYD,I we got stirred into action, and created all this content out of virtually scraps of photos we had, honed and developed my video making skills, and bonded so much in the process. 

After all, that’s what the purpose of traveling too is.

Looks like that’s already a #win.

Update: Despite everything, lady luck didn’t favour us after all. After months of preparation, which included a flight to and from Mumbai for a face to face interview, we didn’t make the cut.

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