A Comprehensive Guide On Travel Scams to Watch Out For: Infographic

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you while travelling? Well your flight may crash and you’ll die. But the second worst? You could get mugged and end up broke, passport-less and angry while in an alien country, crashing your morale, traveller’s spirit, not to mention ruining your trip, and also costing you a significant monetary damage.

Recently a friend and avid Traveler Saurav got mugged in Paris, losing his wallet, his camera and his Passport! (*gasp*). Why? My own phone got robbed within seconds in front of my eyes in Rome, on my first day trip in the Eurotrip.

While accidents do happen, and nothing is completely fail safe, just having an awareness about the different scams that are prevalent around the world and keeping your wits and general caution about you could go a long way in ensuring a safe and mishapfree trip, as much as possible.

Came across this interesting infographic on the website Justflight.co.uk on the various scams around the world.


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