Why You Should Avoid Traveling On Long Weekends

Holidays on Fridays or Mondays make for great long weekends. Add another day of leave, and they’re the stuff that dreams are made of for any corporate slave hanging on the 20 day vacation a year rule. The itch to travel is strong. Take off to Goa maybe? Or cool off in Ooty?

But the reasons you should travel this weekend are the exact reasons you should not. Especially if you didn’t make this plan a year in advance.

Here’s more reasons.

1. The commute options are sold out
Everyone and their cousin has known about this long weekend for months now (or forever?) Independence day is one holiday that’s planned for ages. Not surprisingly a country of a billion plus people will find their way into the trains, buses and everything in between to travel. So unless you’re prepared to travel like this, avoid.

2. Everything’s going to be astronomically expensive

The buses on Redbus and other booking portals are already 3 times more expensive, if any seats are available at all.  The hotels have already hiked their prices and possibly everyone’s gonna have a field day at your expense. Better let this weekend go, take an unpaid leave and travel on a normal weekend. The difference between normal weekend pricing and ones of this long weekend will be worth it.

3. People, people everywhere!

So, unless your idea of traveling isn’t to get away from the mad city rush and have a quiet moment by yourself or with your loved ones, you’d do well to avoid traveling this weekend.
The beaches will resemble the banks at Kumbh Mela, the “fresh” mountain air will probably turn into smog from all the congestion. Not to mention the trash all around. Perfect occasion to bum out the most hardcore travelers.

4. Enjoy a drive in your city on its near-empty roads

empty roads bangalore

Since people are going to be traveling anyway, ignoring my advice, a sizeable population is gonna be away from the city, giving it a rare deserted feel. When else will Bangalore ever look like this?

5.  Go on a 3 day TV binge watching

Remember sweet childhood when you woke up early and eagerly awaited Prime Minister’s address followed by that awesome colourful regional parade? Yup, relive that moment or just stock on a series and watch that uninterrupted for 3 days.

6. Become the office hero by volunteering to work (And get a comp off later)


 When everyone’s out on a long weekend, business suffers in some companies. Rise to the ocassion and volunteer to work on one of the days. Not only will you be the most dedicated employee you never were, but you can get yourself a compensatory day off ( A comp off) to use it for a bigger, better trip later. The bonus is, the office would be empty, and all the contents of the pantry will be yours alone! Psst, you can even catch a little nap when noone’s looking.

7. No Monday blues


While it’d be awesome to be sitting at a beach, or chilling on some hills on a Monday, what’s even more awesome (ok almost) is sleeping in on a Monday, swiping right on the alarm like a boss and having the best Monday ever at home, in your sweet sweet bed!

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have a good one. And if you decide to travel last minute, check out some of my favourite long weekend trips in India here.

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